Visual Arts are defined as: The visual arts are art forms that create works that are primarily visual in nature, such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, filmmaking and architecture. These definitions should not be taken too strictly as many artistic disciplines (performing arts, conceptual art, textile arts) involve aspects of the visual arts as well as arts of other types. Also included within the visual arts are the applied arts such as industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, interior design and decorative art.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New tools and tutorial videos added!

I have added an absolutely wonderful free graphic editor to our site.
and I also added a great 3DBanner Maker for easy to make banners.

I have added a link on the sites menu entitled Tools Menu, and thee you will find all the editors and tools, and a growing list of tools for the future.

Tools added, include DeviantArt's MURO Editor, and Photoshop online.

No leaving the site to create beautiful and stunning graphics, and images.

Check them all out under the Tools Menu above, and post your creations for others to see.

If you know of any other free resources for others to use, post the links in the resource forum!

Also, find a new section for Tutorial Videos. 

Why not visit and join today. This is going to be a great benefit to artists seasoned and novice!

~Visit Graphica Arts Society~